The Detailing By Rich Story


Rich is an artist when it comes to detailing vehicles. Each vehicle he details, he approaches as a unique piece of art. Rich is renowned by car enthusiasts who demand the best in the business. His mastery and uncompromising high standards have made him one of the most sought after detailers in New Jersey.

Rich understands the need for his clients to feel their investment is safe. Detailing by Rich is fully bonded and insured, so you can sleep at night knowing you’re protected.

Rich is hard-working and most importantly, deeply passionate about what he does. He proudly states, “Your vehicle is our passion - our reputation goes into every detail.”

Rich even offers a Premium Paint Correction Packages which use the highest quality compounds, made with all natural ingredients.

Discerning owners of classic and high-performance exotic cars to car enthusiasts all understand and appreciate both unparalleled quality and the expertise Rich brings to each detail.

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